Effortless Cool and Tranquillity: The Perfect Air Conditioning Solution for Stunning Modern Home

Case Study

This case study focuses on the successful installation of an air conditioning system in a luxury, individually designed, modern home overlooking a Nottinghamshire golf course. The project involved the installation of stylish Daikin Emura-3 wall-mount air conditioning units in three bedrooms, a first-floor lounge, and a basement gym, while two Daikin ducted systems were installed in the ground floor living area.

The entire project, including electrical work and plastering, was completed within a two-week timeframe by Chill Air Conditioning. The system is equipped with mobile app control functionality, and a comprehensive 5-year warranty and service agreement.

The client’s high-end contemporary home required an efficient and discreet air conditioning solution to ensure optimal comfort year-round. Chill Air Conditioning was selected to design, supply, and install the system, combining their expertise with the advanced features offered by Daikin air conditioning units.

Installation Details

Daikin Wall-Mount Units in Bedrooms, First-Floor Lounge, and Basement Gym

  • Five Daikin wall-mount air conditioning units were carefully installed in the bedrooms, the first-floor lounge, and the basement gym.
  • These units provide targeted cooling or heating for individual spaces, allowing the occupants to customize their comfort levels.

Daikin Ducted Systems in Ground Floor Living Area:

  • Two Daikin ducted systems were installed in the ground floor living area.
  • These systems were discreetly hidden in the ceiling void and plastered over, ensuring minimal impact on the overall aesthetics of the space.
  • The ducted systems offer a centralized cooling and heating solution, creating a consistent temperature throughout the area.

Mobile App Control

  • The installed air conditioning system can be controlled through a convenient mobile app, allowing the homeowners to adjust settings remotely.
  • This feature provides enhanced convenience and control over the system’s operation.

Warranty and Service Agreement

  • A comprehensive 5-year warranty and service agreement are provided by Chill Air Conditioning to ensure the ongoing performance and maintenance of the installed system.
  • This agreement includes regular service visits to optimize the system’s efficiency and address any potential issues.


  • The entire project, from start to finish, was completed within two weeks. This included the installation of the air conditioning units, electrical work, and plastering required to conceal the ducted systems.
Ceiling mounted domestic AC unit
Ceiling mounted air con
Modern Home

The successful installation of the air conditioning system, designed and supplied by Chill Air Conditioning, has provided this luxury home with a reliable heating and cooling solution. The selection of Daikin units, including wall-mount and ducted systems, ensures personalized comfort and seamless integration with the home’s design. With mobile app control functionality and a comprehensive warranty and service agreement, the homeowners can enjoy comfort and peace of mind for years to come.