Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery systems provide ventilation throughout a property to extract and clean stale and moist air throughout your home.

Heat recovery systems for domestic & commercial spaces

What is Heat Recovery?

Heat recovery ventilation; also known as HRV, is a system that works to recover wasted heat around your home whilst replacing it with filtered air, that is fresh and works to combat excess moisture and stale areas that can cause other issues should it be left unattended.

Heat recovery can also be referred to as Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR), which works to achieve the same filtering system as HRV but is also designed to target condensation and mould, through a constant ventilation process.

How do Heat Recovery Systems work?

Heating Recovery System Diagram

Heat recovery systems provide ventilation throughout a property to extract and clean stale and moist air throughout your home. The system is ideal for a range of properties that may be losing heat and require some help in recovering it.

Usually installed within an attic or mechanical room within commercial spaces, heat recovery systems are placed out of site and in an area that allows for the extraction of air from the outdoors. The heat from the extracted air is drawn in through the heat recovery system and passed through separate pipes, so not to cross contaminate.

Heat recovery systems are usually connected to a network of room air valves which allows for the extracted air to pass through, uncontaminated and be released as fresh, filtered clean air.

The heat recovery systems work in domestic situations through the network of valves which are connected throughout the home. One half of the system involves extracting the stale air from rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens and replacing it from the filtered air from outside which is then transferred into each room.

The stale, unfiltered air is then simply passes through the valve network, without coming into contact with the new fresh air and released back outside.

[diagram] – We will make an image to show how the system works

How efficient are Heat Recovery Systems?

Aside from recovering up to 90% of heat that’s usually lost and wasted throughout a home from standard ventilation systems, a heat recovery systems works much more efficiently and is designed to save, filter and release air and heat that may have otherwise been wasted.

New homes especially, can benefit from heat recovery systems as they can provide a handful of savings in the form of energy and heating bills. Heat recovery systems are also considered to be a better alternative to traditional bathroom fans and ventilation systems that are found in most houses and new builds.

Maintaining your Heat Recovery System

If you think maintaining your heat recovery system is going to be difficult and time consuming, think again! A simple filter change will ensure that your heat recovery system performs at its best and continues to provide your home or commercial space with fresh air that free of dust.

However, if you do leave your heat recovery system unattended for a long period of time, you can sometimes run into a few issues. Extraction and fan performance can be reduced and room temperatures may become uncomfortable, so it’s advised to keep your heat recovery system maintained at least a couple of times a year to extend the longevity of your ventilation system.

How can Chill Air Conditioning help?

Here at Chill Air Conditioning Ltd we specialise in air conditioning and heating services for commercial and domestic spaces such as offices, restaurants, home offices, bedrooms and even server rooms.

We’re also CHAS accredited and a REFCOM certified contractor. Our professional engineers are aos City & Guilds qualified, which ensures that all of our services are carried out within minimal disruption and are completed at the highest standard.

If you would like to discuss our heat recovery system service further and believe you would benefit from having a heat recovery system installed in your home or commercial space, feel free to contact us a call on 0115 8581771 or email us on sales@chillairconditioning.co.uk.


Benefits of Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery systems are beneficial for a variety of spaces, aside from the obvious benefits of having a heat recovery system in your home, if you’re looking for a MVHR in your office or commercial space, you can still enjoy similar benefits of homeowners.

If saving on your energy bills isn’t enough to install a heat recovery system in your domestic or commercial space, there are other benefits of heat recovery systems to consider.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) may not be the first thing many think about when it comes to the installation of a heat recovery system, but the air quality within our homes is actually quite important.

In both commercial and domestic cases air pollution can cause a range of health issues.

Many known pollution causes include cooking appliances and tobacco smoke, which are found more within domestic homes than commercial space and so this is another reason why a heat recovery system in the home can prove to have many benefits, not just on cost, but health too.

If you or someone you live or work with has a lung condition such as asthma or bronchiectasis for example, improving your indoor air quality should be a priority. More information on indoor air pollution can be found on blf.org.uk.

Common sources of indoor air pollution include: tobacco products, gas appliances, household cleaning products and even excess moisture that is commonly found in most bathrooms.

Lowering heating costs

You could find hundreds of resources on how to reduce your energy bills but you’ll also find that heat recovery systems would be mentioned in many of them, for the simple reason that they really do save on your heating and energy costs.

Your carbon footprint can also be improved from installing a heat recovery system.

You’ll also find that on average many save around 38% on their energy bills, so if you’re concerned about the cost of installation, you could make your money back in years to come, especially from a commercial point of view.

In domestic cases, heat recovery systems recover anywhere from 60-95% of the heat, allowing you to use your thermostat less and save more money.

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