Air Conditioning Service Contracts

Air conditioning service contracts help businesses who have one or more air conditioning units, by ensuring their systems are compliant with the law and checked regularly.

Why your business would benefit from an Air Conditioning Maintenance Contract

Although most of us might work the traditional 9-5, our air conditioning systems definitely don’t and in many commercial environments, having the air conditioning on throughout the working day and in some cases 24/7 is perfectly normal.

However over time this could result in a less efficient air conditioning unit that may begin to breakdown, leak or experience a complete system failure.

There is a solution to this which can save you precious time and the headache of calling out an unfamiliar or under qualified engineer, which could cost you more in the long-run.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

Air conditioning service contracts exist to help businesses who have one or more air conditioning units that are working to ensure commercial office space, restaurants, gyms and even reception areas receive proper ventilation, heating and cooling throughout the year.

What businesses might not be aware of is that many commercial air conditioning units legally require servicing at least once a year to ensure the safety, longevity and performance of their air conditioning systems.

As part of our air conditioning service contract we want to ensure you receive the best service possible, that’s why we can tailor the maintenance plans to suit you, helping to minimise any disruption in your workplace.

Reasons to consider an air conditioning service contract

Below are some common issues your air conditioning system may experience if it is not well maintained.

Air conditioning air flow is weak

Weak air flow could be the result of clogged or dirty filters. If this is the case your unit could be trying to work much harder, resulting in higher energy bills and if left for too long, the overworked, overheated unit may ultimately fail to work and cause other additional issues.

As dirt and dust continues to gather, the build up can make its way to the coils and fan blades which creates extra weight, potentially harming the fan motor over time.

Air conditioning unit is leaking water

There may be several reasons for a leaky air con unit; the build up and dirt from blocked filters, the build up of frost which can restrict air flow, the system is low of refrigerant or the system has experienced a loss of power due to an issue related to the breaker or fuse.

Blocked drainage can also be commonly caused by the build of algae, which will naturally thrive in a damp but cool environment. It’s best to get these treated as soon as you can to prevent further development of mildew and mould.

Air conditioning unit not cooling or heating

Restricted air flow from blocked filters could contribute to the loss of heating and cooling, as mentioned above, the build of dust and dirt can easily affect the overall performance of your unit.

Electrical faults like a faulty compressor or PCB often result from units over working due to lack of proper maintenance.

Loss of refrigerant due to leak on the system, this can be caused by poor installation, damage or wear over time.

This could have a bigger impact on certain types of commercial environments such as restaurants and cold stores for example and should be checked as soon as possible.

Benefits of regular air con maintenance

Issues aside, ensuring that your air con units are serviced regular can help to prevent these issues before they start but you can also benefit from:

Extended Unit Lifespan

Just like you would for your phone, computer or car, your air con unit needs TLC to ensure the longevity of its performance. Leaving issues unattended will ultimately impact the amount of air flow it produces as well as the quality of its heating and cooling settings which may result in larger costs trying to get it fixed, especially without a service contract.

Increased Energy Efficiency

A well maintained system will use considerably less energy than a poorly maintained system, resulting in higher electricity bills!

Smaller Issues, Smaller Costs

If your air conditioning systems are serviced regularly your costs will be much lower for a simple maintenance check compared to needing a whole new unit which could have been avoided. As part of our air conditioning service contract, we ensure your units receive the necessary maintenance reviews to ensure you can avoid any unexpected bills.

Better Performance

It’s a no brainer, having your air con systems regularly checked will ensure that the performance of your air conditioning unit stays in tip-top shape.

This includes maximum air flow and a more optimum output of fresh air, which is incredibly important, especially when it comes to commercial ventilation to ensure employees and customers are comfortable within your business environment.

How Chill Air Can Help?

We truly believe our air conditioning service contracts for businesses are a helpful addition towards keeping your equipment at top performance. Not only will it help you save costs and become more energy efficient, you can also avoid a large fine if you fail to have your air conditioning system inspected every 5 years.

As part of our service contract to you, our accredited engineers will be on-hand whenever you need a repair or maintenance check. We also appreciated that whilst we’re doing our work, your employees are doing their work and so we try to keep disruption to a minimum.

If you would like to discuss further how our air conditioning maintenance contracts can benefit you, feel free to call our team on 0345 0179963 or email us on You can also fill in our simple contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


F Gas Regulations for Air Conditioning

For any business owners who may be unaware, you have a legal obligation as an owner of air conditioning equipment to understand Fluorinated Gases (F-Gas) and act accordingly, should an issue arise.

F-Gases are man-made, greenhouse gases that unfortunately contribute to the global warming potential (GWP). As this is such a large concern, the F-Gas Regulation (EU) 516/2014 was passed to provide instruction on how owners of air conditioning equipment can do so responsibly to help reduce and contain emissions.

Any equipment containing F-Gas above a certain threshold must have the system leak checked at regular intervals by law, with the frequency of the checks based on the level of CO2 in the equipment.

Where can you find F-Gases?

F-Gases are commonly found in commercial air conditioning systems, heat pump equipment and industrial refrigeration.

CO2Tonnes Receive Leak Check
Up to 5 CO2 12 months
Up to 50 CO2 6 months
Up to 500 CO2 3 months

As part of the leak test you should ensure records are documented and kept for at least 5 years to have historical data at hand in the event the Environment Agency asks you to provide records during an inspection.

Your records should include the following, as per

  • quantity and type of gas in the equipment when it’s installed
  • quantity and type of gas added during maintenance (for example in leak repairs)
  • dates and results of all mandatory leak checks
  • what you’ve done to recover and dispose of gas – for example, record the registered waste carrier you use to dispose of it

You should also include with your records the name, address and certificate number of companies who installed and serviced or decommissioned equipment.

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  • Excellent service. Provided and installed a Toshiba inverter wall split system for our bedroom. Quick tidy and quality installation. Excellent unit cools the bedroom rapidly and is very quite. I would recommend to anyone!

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  • We decided to have air conditioning fitted in 3 rooms and Dominic and his team could not do enough. they do a brilliant job and cleaned up so you wouldn't know they had been here. Would recommend Dominic to anyone.

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