Commercial Ventilation

Ventilation for commercial premises is vital to ensure a fresh supply of clean air throughout a range of commercial environments.

Ventilation systems for commercial spaces

When the winter months start to settle in, it’s vital that commercial premises have the right ventilation within their property to ensure optimal air flow and temperature throughout the building.

This not only benefits the ventilation within the building to avoid stale air, mould and a build up of other gases from settling in within rooms but the right ventilation also benefits employees and customers as they receive a constant supply of fresh, clean air.

What is commercial ventilation?

Ventilation is a key requirement for most businesses. It is important that your business or place of work has a good air flow, whether it’s an office, shop, dental practice or gym, ventilation is imperative to the health and safety of both your staff and the general public.

Ventilation systems work by extracting stale air from a building while allowing fresh clean air to enter from outside. This improves overall air quality by ensuring there is a flow of fresh air coming into your work place.

Ventilation Legislation

Although there haven’t been any changes in legislation to the use of air conditioning units in regards to Covid-19, it is still a legal requirement for business owners to make sure that there is an ample supply of air circulating through their business.

If you’re unsure about the ventilation in your commercial premises, official information can be found from The HSE or feel free to contact our ventilation engineers for further advice on whether or not your heating and ventilation systems may require a maintenance check.

Fresh Air Requirements

Having clean indoor air is key to a healthy lifestyle; it can help to improve concentration, mood and reduce the chances of developing lung, heart and arterial diseases.

This is why it’s important to make sure there’s a regular flow of clean fresh air flowing through your work place. This constant supply of clean air is especially important for those businesses that operate in a larger space, such as a factory or large office and are unable to open windows or doors to help ventilate an area.

Calculate your ventilation

The table below demonstrates the typical air change per hour that is expected for a particular type of commercial environment.

Although not shown below, if you wanted to work out the Typical Air Changer Per Hour for your commercial space, you can use the working out method of multiplying the number of people within space, on average, by the required metres cubed per hour per person (m³/h).

Office Spaces Typical  Air Changes per Hour
Offices 6-10
Restrooms 6-15
Canteens 8-12
Classrooms 5
Conference Facilities 8-12
Private Kitchens 20
Restaurant / Food Spaces Typical  Air Changes per Hour
Public Toilets 6-15
Restaurants 12
Waiting Rooms 6
Commercial Kitchens 25-30+
Bar Areas 15-20
Public & Commercial Spaces Typical  Air Changes per Hour
Hotel Rooms 6-10
Public Garages 6-15
Gyms 8-12
Launderettes 5
Swimming Pools 8-12
Workshops 20
Hospital Wards 6-8
Engine Rooms 15-30
Multi-purpose Halls 5
Smoking Area 13-15
School Classrooms 4-12
Medical Clinics 8-12
Retail / Shops Typical  Air Changes per Hour
Post Office 4-10
Retail Stores 6-10
Shops, paint 15-20
Shops, machine & Woodwork 5
Supermarkets 4-10

Why choose Chill Air?

Our trained engineers are accredited and qualified by CHAS, REFCOM and City and Guilds, giving you peace of mind that we carry out all our services to the highest standard. All of our work is guaranteed, agreed to your deadlines and achieved with minimum disruptions.

  • Trained engineers
  • Family run air conditioning business
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We have an abundance of experience working in both commercial and domesticated environments so we understand, especially within commercial settings that installations need to be completed, quickly and efficiently, without disturbing employees and guests.


Types of Ventilation Systems

There’s more than one option when it comes to selecting the right type of ventilation system, as one ventilation system may benefit a restaurant more than a gym, for example. Here are some of the ventilation systems we provide, here at Chill Air Conditioning:

VAV Systems

Variable Air Volume (VAV) helps to regulate the volume of air that is released within a certain area. VAV systems control the volume of air, not the temperature, but work to supply a consistent air temperature.

Commonly, VAV systems are installed alongside other air conditioning systems to give further control over air flow. VAV systems are also very energy efficient, if you’re looking to save some money along the way.

Variable air volume systems work differently to HVAC systems, which have a slightly opposite way of operating, by producing a constant volume but HVAC systems have the ability to vary the temperature, as opposed to the volume of air.

Duct Installation and Ductwork

As part of a ventilation system, you’ll find Ductwork. Ductwork forms part of a ventilation systems and works to distribute the air through the heating, venting and air con systems. Regardless of the weather outside, the Ductwork’s job is to ensure the air inside of your commercial property is fresh.

Ductworks are silent workers and can be found connected to HVAC systems. If you imagine the HVAC system is the heart of your heating and ventilation system, Ductwork can be described as the veins, keeping the fresh air supply running smoothly throughout the system and into your premises.

Extract Systems

If you’re a restaurant, you should have an extract system and ventilation installed within the kitchen. The ventilation systems work to remove the negative air particles that are released from gases and foods; this is then replaced with fresh, clean air.

This type of ventilation system is especially important for these types of commercial premises who are exposed to large amounts of negative air particles daily, from steam, cooked foods and gases. Although in domestic cases we have an extractor fan above our cookers to remove these particles, a more sophisticated ventilation system is necessary for commercial kitchens.

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