Air Source Heat Pumps

We now supply and install air source heat pumps! But what is an air source heat pump?!

Energy Efficient Heating

Air Source Diagram

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) are an energy efficient way of heating your home and hot water. The system extracts thermal energy from the outside air and converts it into heating and hot water inside the home. They do this using the refrigeration cycle used in air conditioning systems.

Because they are powered by electricity there is no need for a gas supply. This could give huge savings on a new build and is a perfect solution for rural homes without gas mains.

If you’re replacing an electricity, LPG or an oil heating system they could lower your fuel bills and reduce your running costs and carbon emissions.

You could also be eligible for a grant when you replace your existing heating system with a heat pump. The Government have now launched the RHI (renewable heating incentive) which means you could actually get paid for having an air source heat pump!

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Is an Air Source Heat Pump Right for Me?

Do you have somewhere to put it?

You’ll need a place outside your home where a unit can be fitted to a wall or placed on the ground. It will need plenty of space around it to get a good flow of air.

Is your home well insulated?

Air source heat pumps work best when producing heat at a lower temperature than traditional boilers. It’s essential that your home is insulated and draught-proofed well for the heating system to be effective.

What fuel will you be replacing?

The biggest energy savings can be found if it’s replacing an oil, electricity or coal heating system.

What type of heating system will you use?

Air source heat pumps can perform great with underfloor heating systems or warm air heating because of the lower water temperatures required.

Air Source Heating System

Air source heat pumps (ASHP)  absorb heat from the outside air and use this to heat radiators, underfloor heating & provide hot water for homes. It is possible for air source heat pumps to extract heat from air at temperatures as low as -20°C.

ASHP’s run on electricity, meaning you DO NOT need a mains gas supply, meaning they are perfect for homes in rural areas, new self builds or homes which do not currently have mains gas installed.

Air source heat pumps are incredibly efficient, for every unit of electricity used to power the system, 3-4 units of heat are produced!

Fuel Replaced £ Saving per Year CO2 Saving per Year
Gas £300 830 kg
Electricity £870 6 tonnes
Oil £580 1.3 tonnes
Solid £280 5 tonnes

How does an ASHP work?

ASHP’s use the same refrigerant cycle as found in an air conditioning system and has three main parts:

  • The evaporator absorbs heat from the outside air
  • The compressor pumps the refrigerant through the heat pump
  • The heat exchanger transfers the heat from the refrigerant to the water.

How much does an ASHP cost?

As an estimate, a 5kW system suitable for a well insulated domestic property will cost in the region of £6,000 to £8,000 installed (ex VAT). The estimated costs can often be quickly covered by the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which are payments made back to you from the government for having an ASHP!

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The renewable heat incentive has been designed as a ‘boiler replacement scheme’ and payments are intended to bridge the costs between the installation and running costs of fossil-fuel heating systems and the renewable alternatives.

What is RHI?

  • The domestic RHI is a financial support scheme for renewable heating for homes
  • Payments are made each quarter for seven years!
  • RHI is paid to the owner of the heating system at a set rate per unit of renewable heat produced
  • The domestic RHI covers England, Wales and Scotland
  • RHI is administered by Ofgem

RHI is available to single domestic dwellings and available to owner-occupiers, private landlords, Registered Providers of Social Housing and self-builders.

Further info on RHI

  • The renewable heat generated for payment purposes will be estimated, in most cases, by referring to the EPC & equipment SPF
  • Systems must be certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and meet relevant standards
  • All applicants must complete a Green Deal Assessment (GDA) before applying and ensure they meet minimum energy efficiency requirements
  • Tariffs can change annually in line with the Retail Price Index
  • RHI applicants whose ASHP provides space heating and retain a back-up heating system (such as an oil fired boiler), or people applying for a second home will need to install metering equipment which RHI payments are then based on
  • There is an extra incentive for applicants who install metering set at £230 per year for ASHP

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The Green Homes Grant and the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

You may have originally heard about The Green Homes Grant, which was a £2 billion scheme, launched by the Government to help the country become net-zero by 2050.

The scheme ended March 2021 but there are now alternative  Government schemes in place to help homeowners save money on their energy, with further improvement to insulation of homes, power generation through solar panels and air source heat pumps.

Introducing the Clean Heat Grant

The Clean Heat Grant, also known as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, provides funding to domestic homes to help them transition to low carbon heating systems. This particular scheme becomes active from April 2022 and will replace the Renewable Heat incentive (RHI) which is scheduled to end in March 2022 (for new applicants).

As part of the Clean Heat Grant, homeowners will be given the opportunity to apply for government grants of £5000 to put towards the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. This grant can help fund the installation of Air Source Heat Pumps, which can save homeowners hundreds of pounds worth of energy costs.

Who is eligible for The Clean Heat Grant?

To ensure you are eligible for the government grant to improve your home heating, there are several elements of criteria homeowners must meet.

  1. As part of the process you will be required to supply a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which has been issued within the last ten years. Homeowners typically receive a EPC when they buy, sell or rent a property. However if you believe you may need to request a new one, you can apply via the government website.
  2. Your property must be an existing building or a self build. Unfortunately, developments are not eligible for the Clean Heat Grant scheme.
  3. To qualify for the grant, homeowners are expected to provide at least one quote from an MCS certified installer.

There are several types of technologies available for installation as part of the Clean Heat Grant, these include:

  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Biomass Boilers

If your chosen technology is an Air Source Heat Pump, the installation must be completed within 3 months of your vouchers being issued. For larger projects, this is extended to 6 months.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from the Clean Heat Grant, get in touch with our team. With the scheme set to commence in April 2022, it’s advised to start your research now so you’re prepared for the New Year when the scheme begins to take place.

If you want to know more, call us now on 0345 0179963

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