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Air Conditioning for Schools

Similar to the workplace, the temperature within a room can have a fairly noticeable impact on people’s ability to concentrate, focus and remain comfortable through the working – or school day. There are many aspects to consider when heating and cooling your school, from the size of a room, to external factors, as well as the ability to provide suitable ventilation, not just heating.

Why should your school have air conditioning?

Classroom Air ConditioningIn most cases, air conditioning for schools is commonly found in traditional classrooms, as that’s where students and teachers will spend most of their day. However, you may have large lecture rooms or halls that don’t hold heat very well and don’t ventilate properly if the weather is warmer.

When people are exposed to temperatures which are too high or too low to provide ‘thermal comfort’ their focus and engagement levels drop off as they become more focused on cooling themselves down or warming themselves up, ultimately becoming more distracted.

Having effective classroom air conditioning which can provide a comfortable room temperature can reduce the risk of this happening.

Another big factor is air quality, air conditioning units work by filtering the air from pollutants and allergens that could be inside the room, creating a fresher and healthier environment. This can also help towards the prevention of staff and students from becoming ill and requiring time off.

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Can your school become more energy efficient?

Just like homeowners, schools are also advised to become more conscious about the energy they use, as part of the 2050 Net Zero commitment. Fortunately, there are numerous ways in which this schools can achieve this. Air source heat pumps, ventilation systems and air conditioning units can provide a range of energy alternatives that holds many benefits.

Many schools may be guilty of having outdated technology, lighting and heating systems, which have worked perfectly throughout the years, but with a strong culture building for more sustainable energy alternatives, it’s time schools considered upgrading to more energy efficient solutions.

It’s estimated that UK schools spend £543 million every year on energy bills alone, and as budgets and costs for schools continue to rise, saving on energy bills can be a fantastic place to start in order to become more energy efficient but also save on outgoing costs that could otherwise be spent investing back into the school.

Schools can also enjoy the benefit of increased financial savings through new energy efficient technologies, especially as some energy bills continue to increase, there’s never been a better time to consider improving energy and heating in schools which in the long run, will benefit teachers and students.

Ventilation in Classrooms

The pandemic has seen a large increase of questions regarding ventilation in schools, as naturally parents, students and teachers want to ensure the safety of everyone within the school.

Poorly ventilated rooms can be measured through the amount of CO2 levels present within a room. Even long before COVID19, increased levels of CO2  have shown to have an impact on student productivity and ability to focus and therefore learn.

If a classroom has few windows, or are unable to completely open windows when necessary, installing a ventilation system can help to ensure a flow of clean air to circulate around the classroom.

For more information on measuring levels of CO2 in your school, please visit the HSE website for further details.

Heating and Cooling in Schools

Air Conditioning for SchoolsAir conditioning in classrooms isn’t just about heating and cooling. Correct temperature levels can have an impact on how productive students can be. If the temperature is too hold or too cold, it’s very difficult for students and teachers to settle down and concentrate.

Temperature and ventilation should also be considered during exam season. Naturally we want all students to do well during their exams, and some schools may not realise that a comfortable temperature can make all the difference when students need to focus on the exam at hand.

As many exams are completed in large halls where insulation may not be as effective or computer rooms where lots of heat is generated due to the amount of machines running at once, ensuring there is adequate air conditioning installed at schools can help to avoid any unnecessary hassle of trying to cool or heat up a room quickly.

Air Conditioning throughout the School Year

Exams aside, the normal day to day running of a school includes ensuring lighting and heating is running for hours and hours at a time. If staff are unable to control this effectively, it could mean a classroom is too warm or too cold.

Weather outside can also be a contributing factor to the temperature inside and so if staff have more control over the heating and cooling of a room to coincide with the weather outside, schools can run much smoothly and ensure students can work more effectively.

Types of air conditioning systems for Classrooms

The size of the classroom can affect how effective the air conditioning unit is. Wall-mounted units are ideal for small classrooms as they are sleek and can be placed at different heights on the wall, positioning units high up also prevents students from potentially damaging the unit.

For bigger classrooms or exam halls you can add multiple units to cover multiple areas of the room, our school air conditioning units are usually silent so they will cause little disturbance to students during exams and general classroom time.

Ceiling mounted units are another option for classrooms as they are almost hidden away within the suspended ceiling. Their multiple air flow channels makes these a great choice for larger classrooms to cover all corners. If your classrooms do have a suspended ceiling, you could also consider a ducted air conditioning systems.

How can Chill Air Conditioning help?

At Chill Air Conditioning, we provide professional and reliable school air conditioning systems that provide staff and students with the perfect working climate. All of our installations have a personal touch, we provide professional advice and will answer any questions you may have.

We always work to the very highest standards, giving all our work a neat finish. We are also CHAS accredited and REFCOM certified contractor, when choosing Chill Air, you can be confident that you will be receiving the best service.

Reliable, Quality Air Conditioning for Schools

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