The Mercure Hotel

Case Study

Upgrading Hotel Air Conditioning Systems for a Chilled Experience 

The Mercure Hotel, a renowned establishment in the heart of Nottingham city centre, sought to enhance guest comfort by upgrading its outdated HVAC systems. This case study explores the successful air conditioning installation project, the challenges faced, and the improved guest experience.

About The Mercure Hotel

The Mercure is a high end hotel with 76 rooms, a gym and restaurant, was experiencing temperature control issues due to the aging HVAC system. They needed a modern, energy-efficient solution to maintain a pleasant environment for their guests.

The existing wall mounted units were outdated and often failed to provide consistent cooling, leading to guest discomfort and negative feedback. The client needed a comprehensive solution to improve cooling and heating in the rooms as well as communal areas.

Assessing the hotel’s needs

A thorough assessment of the hotel’s needs and technical requirements led to the installation of 83 new wall mounted units & 4 new ceiling cassettes, each with their own hard wired remote control. The systems provided precise temperature control for individual rooms, reducing energy consumption and offering quiet operation, a critical factor for a luxury hotel. During the project the hotel also placed an order for a new door curtain to help maintain heat in the hotel reception. 

The project began with a detailed analysis of the hotel’s layout and existing HVAC system for the bedrooms. The process involved retrofitting the existing pipework and wiring to accommodate the new wall mounted units. New split cassette systems were also installed in the gym and communal areas, requiring new pipework and cabling to be installed. Rigorous testing and quality checks ensured optimal performance of all new equipment.

AC Unit Mercure Hotel
The Mercure Hotel ac unit

How did we ensure a smooth installation?

Minimizing Guest Disruption: The hotel couldn’t afford to close during installation, so work was conducted in phases to minimize disruption to guests.

Space Constraints: The limited space in ceiling voids required creative engineering to successfully fit the new equipment.

Installing During: Operating: The project commenced while the hotel was still operating, demanding precision timing to keep existing systems operational during the installation.

The successful installation of the new air conditioning system at The Mercure Hotel Nottingham, significantly improved guest comfort, reduced operational costs, and demonstrated the hotel’s commitment to constant improvement. This project serves as a testament to the; planning, phased execution, and the creative problem-solving carried out by the Chill Air team.